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About The New Jersey Center for Autism

NJ ABC KidsAny parent faced with the daunting task of raising a child with

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

knows how challenging it can be. Daily routines such as: brushing teeth, sleeping through the night, dressing and cutting nails are only some of the everyday challenges encountered by families with a child with ASD. NJABC’S aim is to help our families with their challenges so that these activities become part of a successful daily routine. Through our program, events such as: going to the grocery store, dining out and birthday parties become just another positive experience that families enjoy doing together.
Since 1994, Classic Rehabilitation, Ltd. has provided home-based services for children with various developmental delays, and specifically for children with ASD. Our highly trained and experienced therapists have developed a remarkably effective Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program, which has achieved significant results. After years of successful home-based services, Classic has established a center-based division,

NJ ABC’S – NJ Autism Center.

The NJABC’S program places strong emphasis on family involvement. Family members are trained to become facilitators for their child’s learning in the home and in the community. We provide

comprehensive ABA programming for toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children in NJ.