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About The NJABC's Autism NJ Treatment Center

What Is the NJ ABC's Autism Center Mission?

  • To provide effective evidence based intervention to children with autism in New Jersey.
  • To improve the lives of children with ASD to lead socially meaningful and independent lives.
  • To partner with families to facilitate successful learning in their children.
  • To partner with families as strong advocates for their children.

What Is the NJ ABC's Autism Center Philosophy?

The philosophy of NJ Center for Autism is that every child CAN learn. Learning starts with what motivates and interests the child. We place strong emphasis on joint attention and communication, and promote them by engaging the child in the activity and play of their choosing. A solid foundation of basic learning skills is best achieved through positive reinforcement. Once a proper foundation has been established, we can then address more complex and challenging behaviors.

What Is the NJ ABC's Autism Center Approach To Treatment?
NJ ABC’S curriculum is based on the science of

Applied Behavior Analysis

. Our data based curriculum emphasizes teaching skills that a child would need in order to effectively interact and communicate with others. Success in the areas of learning readiness skills, engaging appropriately with other (joint attention), communicating wants and needs and expanding on play behaviors, will all lead to improving child’s life.

Learning takes place in our child-friendly environment that is safe and stimulating. Parents are invited to observe and participate in their child’s learning. Our committed staff and families work together as a team to achieve the highest potential and success for our children.

Does the NJ ABC's Autism Center Offer Family Training?

All family members are encouraged to join in the effort to promote the child’s growth. We endeavor to empower parents by teaching them how to analyze their child’s behavior, and coach the parents on strategies that will result in positive changes.
We also incorporate regular home visits to facilitate carry over and to promote generalization of acquired skills.

What Other Services Does The N.J. Center For Autism Provide?

Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Sensory Integration
Physical Therapy
Social Work
Social Skills Training
Social Skills Groups

Are Our Staff Credentialed With Board Certification?

We employ highly experienced Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBA).
Our therapist undergo constant training to learn new procedures and techniques on a constant basis.
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