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Connections: Breathing and Postural Control

This course will challenge the practitioner to make a paradigm shift; acknowledging the importance of the cardiopulmonary system as an integral component of postural control.
This presentation will focus on young children, 0-6 years old, who have multiple physical and physiologic complications such as chronic lung diseases, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, congenital anomalies, GI dysfunction, congenital heart defects, etc.

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SEMINAR A- Joint Attention and Autism Spectrum disorder
SEMINAR B- using Visual Supports to Maximize Learning and Independence

Professionals and Paraprofessionals working with children on the Autism spectrum
and other developmental disabilities will benefit from these workshops
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For our Monmouth County, NJ - social skills group

. Our experienced staff will establish social skills goals for each child that will be reinforced in a group setting.
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NJ ABC'S Center For Autism also sponsors

workshops for parents of autistic children in New Jersey

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