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Every Child Can Learn!

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Classic Rehab

Services for Children with Autism in New Jersey

Intensive Individual Instruction

We enable your child to master fundamental skills through:

  • Motivation System
  • Discrete Trial Instruction (DTI)
  • Natural Environment Training
  • Verbal Behavior (VB)
  • Incidental Training

Sensory Integration Services

We enable your child to process sensory information through:

  • Therapeutic activities that improve motor planning and attentional skills
  • Development and application of a sensory diet
  • Modification of the environment to each child’s learning opportunities
  • Sensory Integraton Services (SI)

Natural Environment Training

We enable the child to apply their newly acquired skills in a less structured setting through:

  • Promoting social interaction in a social group setting
  • Establishing social engagement

Home Environment

We enable families to facilitate the child’s continued growth and development in the home through:

  • Coaching parents to employ techniques learned at our NJ center
  • Regular home visits to ensure successful integration to the home environment