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I just wanted to send a little note to share my sincere thanks with you all. The past year and a half was an extremely difficult time in my family's life and and each and every one of you has helped so much. 
When Ben began with early intervention he couldn't talk, didn't point, had no way but tantrums to make his needs known. He couldn't play with toys, didn't sit still for more than 5 seconds. He was essentially lost. The difference when you fast forward to today is unbelievable really. I remember in the beginning when SunMi would tell me that Ben was going to sit at the table for 5 minutes and I would think she was insane! Sure, there are days when 5 minutes still doesn't happen, but there are days when 20 or more minutes at the table are possible. He's talking. He functioning in his own world. I really can't thank you enough, for all of your hard work with him, tips for me, and for listening when I needed someone to talk to the most. 
Ben's birthday party went well and he really held his own with all of the other kids. And we had a packed house! Every one of his toys was ripped from it's shelf and tossed about and he didn't seem to have any trouble sharing. I was so incredibly proud of him. 
You can all be a little glad that we waited until he aged out to get him a drum set. =) Surprisingly, he is able to give up the sticks to do other things, but it sure it a loud toy. And he loves it. When we showed it to him he exclaimed "Drum set! THANK YOU!" and the thank you was as in a tone as if this was what he always wanted. Too precious a moment. 
For those of you who may not have heard, the school has agreed to place Ben in a full day General Ed class with an aide. We are very pleased with this and are now simply waiting for some resolution as to a start day for him. Hopefully by early next week. 
It has been some time since I have had the opportunity to update Ben's website, but I keep a website for him and will share the link so that you can check in on him as you like. I will also try my best to send email updates from time to time. 
I hope you are all doing well, 

My son just completed eight months of intense therapy and his growth in all area has surpassed our highest expectations.

Pearl B.

Monmouth County sees Classic as an asset to the NJ Early Intervention System

Special Child Health Services-Monmouth County, NJ

The only ones more fortunate than I are the children whose lives you touch

Patty P., Special Educator
Toms River, NJ

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